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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Princess Belle Is A Vagina Doctor (and other celebrity updates from a four-year-old)

My four-year-old daughter Nika ran to me, pressed her angelic face close to my ear and whispered shyly, "Princess Belle is a Vagina Doctor."

Clearly, there was a trace of mischief wrapped in that sheepish announcement.

Was it the recent memory of accompanying me to the obgyn for a prenatal checkup, or just age appropriate genital fascination? Or Nika's attraction to the medical profession could be pinned on Daddy, who is third year med student. Either way, I was amused and proud. And it seemed fitting that Belle, an ambitious bookish young lady should pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology. I thought to myself, "Won't that be nice for Beauty to finally put her booksmarts to work! What about the vocational pursuits of the other disney princesses? Did Nika know about their career paths too? Wondering led to asking.

"Nika, what does Snow White do?"

An impish, proud-yet-embarrased grin spread across that four-year-old face as she leaned forward with the plain answer:

"Butt Doctor."

"How bout Cinderella?"

"Surgeon Doctor."

"And Princess Jasmine? What does she do?"

"She goes around. She just sits and goes around."


Lori Mac said...

I enjoyed your anti spanking post, so I came by to check out your blog. I think if we met at the playground with our kids, we would get that hopeful "this one could be a keeper" feeling about a potential friendship. We could certainly burn a lot of hours talking. Keep blogging and I will try to come and visit again soon.

Jemila Monroe said...

Hi Lori,

Thanks for coming by! These days neighbors don't drop by each other's houses spur of the moment too often, but at least we can stop by each other's blogs, right? :) I'm sure pretty soon they'll come up with a virtual playground where our kids can swing upside down while we chat and laugh and imagine a better world. Anyway, so nice to "meet you!" And please stop by anytime :) BTW how old are your kids?

Anonymous said...

So funny. I laughed during a class lecture.