Gabriel turns Two: Happy Birthday Sweet Boy

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Have a Vent
Share a blessing

The problem with everybody is that everyone is neurotic (read: human) and today it's irritating me. I'm just so aggravated with liberals and conservatives (what the heck, Donald Rumsfel doesn't consider waterboarding torcher? If it isn't, why would using it get information out of someone who otherwise refuses to speak?) I'm annoyed with the sexist tendecies and assumptions of our society and I'm also irritated with angry feminists and I'm annoyed that blogger makes it really difficult for a technophobe like me to upload photos. Also I'm rubbed the wrong way by the fact that chocolate is fattening, as well as yummy. And I'm annoyed that I'm so judgmental and angsty and hypocritical. And I'm also being very negative, which is not healthy!

So I'm opening up this blog for anyone to write in a vent and also to write something a)has warmed their heart or b)create a prayer or blessing for someone on this post. The hope is that together we can release our angst and transform it into goodness -- or at least the precurser to goodness, which is the ability to laugh in the face of badness.

My heartwarming story:

This afternoon my son Gabriel fell asleep in my arms. It was nice to kiss his sweet, sleeping face, this little man put in my home and heart. Of course I knew as soon as I tried to put him in his crib there'd be hell to pay...or at least lower-lip trembling wails. And there was, but no one can take away the memory of that perfect sleeping little angel. And he's actually being pretty well-behaved today, except for occasionally trying to delete this blog or knock over my mocha mug.

My prayer:

My God bless you when you're bitchy
When you're alone, or glum or itchy

My God be your hero when you're in need
And on a good day, help you remember to do a good deed

May God bless Iraq, and Palestine, Israel, Sudan, America and Mexico
May God bless my enemies: Donald Rumsfeld, excessive hormones and people who make inappropriate pregnancy comments (read: Are you having twins, girl?)

May God go before you and behind you, and give you a great behind. Amen.

Let the venting and healing begin!


stacy barton said...

ha! ha ha ha ha. i had a vent such as this in the car on the way home with my friend alice (www.thefairfax.blogspot.com) and felt so much better afterwards that i applaud your efforts here. but ive now had a big italian meal around the corner in my small town and a glass of wine and i am home with my shoes off - and i sort of forget why i was so grumpy. although i too am hormonal, its the other end of yours. i was pregnant and nursing or both for about a decade - but my oldest turns eighteen next week! oh for the tiny flushed face of a sleeping babe against the breast. yummm. (but its also nice to take a pair to the resturaunt and not have to do anything but order and eat for myself and smile at them across the table)

Jemila Monroe said...

Ah for a glass of wine with a friend!

When you said it's nice to take a pair to the restaruant, were you referring to breasts or children who can on eat on their own with a fork?

How many kids do you have? Any pearls of wisdom for a young mother?

stacy barton said...

four. and ha ha! yes to taking both the breasts and the children (who can eat with a fork) to a meal without care.

oh honey i got all kids of wisdom, grin, only problem is mine might not work for you! but email me anything you like and i will flood you with passionate thought. being a mother has brought me more joy, pain and healing than any other single endeavor of my 42 years.

wit4life said...

This entry really touched me. You are so real and open. We just just broken, ya know. WE have bad days. We get hormonal. WE get sick of people and sick of life. I really really get that. I get it more as the days get shorter, and I think I need light box therapy, but I digress.

My son has autism. Sometimes everyday isa battle ground. Tears, flailing, screams, maybe blood (mine) and knowing that he's dying a little not being able to communiate. He's being scarred by this world, and I can't help him.

On the terrible days and there have been so many, I am thankful that life is short and paradise awaits us. I hope we get dorm room nearby, because I think I'd like to chat with you and not have to worry about putting the kids to bed or needing to rest my weary eyes.

Jemila Monroe said...

Sending prayers and hugs your way Lisa. Vent anytime, the reala the betta!

I love the psalms because they are so not shy about telling God how they really think and feel..God can HANDLE it, you know? He's really that big and that awesome and full of compassion, able to hold us in our shaking, our tantrums, our unbelief and wrestling, until we calm and find peace and a still, mysterious trust for another day. And the beauty of a new morning. As Anne of Green Gables' teacher says, "Remember Miss Shirly, every new day is fresh, with no mistakes in it. You can always start over."

Amy said...

Jemila, I do like your sense of humor! (I needed the prayer for the good back side)!

My vent this week is managing three young children, a father in ICU, a distraught mother and a brother and sister-in-law in crisis. I'm tired...really, really tired.

My story for the week, my 5 year old loves me more than words can say this week and I have had more hugs and "I love yous" than this girl deserves. And yet, I'm relishing them all the more just because of that!

Jemila Monroe said...

Amy, praying you get some (or create some) moments for rejuvenation of your body and spirits...and that great behind to boot! ;)

Remember to put the mask on yourself sister! (You know, when you're flying and they say, "place the airmask over your face before assisting others.) You just got to at some point.

ICU is tough. The whole environment is so mechanical and dehumanizing...not an ideal place to heal or die, whatever the case may be. They could at least put up some beautiful art and some homier lighting, I feel.

Amy said...

Thank goodness it's the healing place for my dad! Yes, ICU is not so fun. But he's moving out this week and we hope he'll be out of the hospital sometime next.

Today's my day for me (in between taking care of kiddos). Thanks for the prayer and reminder.

Jemila Monroe said...

Carpe diem -- Enjoy your day!

And I'm glad to hear your dad is on a healing path :)