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Friday, October 20, 2006

Good News

Good news was promised and my eyes droop after hosting a playdate between two overtired four-year-olds and then supper involving three boys (ten months, six years, eight years), the two four-year-old girls and all four parents. My living room looks like a cheerful warzone, if there were such a thing. Now the abbreviated good news:

In short, the good news is that hot, sexy celebrities like Angelina Jolie and Madonna are taking an interest in Africa's children. Now people may debate the politics of international adoption; certainly there are many valid issues to put on the table: Like how do we care for kids in need without becoming condescending to their culture and their birth families? And how do we separate the issue of upper-middle class Americans with fertility difficulties from the matter of children genuinely abandoned or orphaned in countries struggling with AIDS, sex discrimination, etc? For pete's sake, need to make sure vulnerable families are not exploited for their baby booty! Yet in spite of these serious concerns, when famous people with great bodies and botox-inhanced faces get involved in humanitarian work, "making a difference" starts to seem alot sexier. And THAT is good news.

And with the success of the new show, Ugly Betty, by next year, the perfect body and botox face may be a little passe' and the new SEXY might be a little more attainable without photoshop. Yet more good news.

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fun gal 737 said...

Oh my gosh...I just laughed so hard while shaking my head, 'cuz you got this one nailed, girlfriend! Cultural icons gettin' jiggy with the humanitarian thing - who woulda thunk it?