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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Weekend and the Art of Being

Weekend. A time away from the work week, school week, living by someone else's agenda. A period of homebody-ness or adventure. A time of family being together, learning laughing, lying in the living room, tossing the breeze a frizbee. A time to open a new book. Breathe a few paces back from the crowd and survey life, enjoying and perhaps fine-tuning ways of being and doing so that family members and the world can flow with a flexible, effervescent step through the obstacle course created by the goals and challenges embedded in daily life.

Cleaning up. Running Errands. Taking out the trash. So many things to do that get in the way of rest and happiness. Or do they?

What if taking out the trash could be a hardy, alive experience of fingers tying the white bag, of using God's energy to lift the bag and carry it, without hurry, outside, a slight thrill, hurling the bag into its place in the dumpster. Fresh air in my nostrils and skimming breeze over my bare arm. Walking purposely, breathing gratitude back toward inside, taking in the trees, the sounds outdoors, everything living and still, the little movements of a squirrel, all of it wondrous!


laura said...

quirky grace, are you still out there? i just found your blog while searching for other med school wives to commiserate with. you sound like my kind of woman. your blog is great! i hope you post again soon.




Jemila Kwon said...

Hi Laura,

I'm still here and oh, believe me, I'm commiserating, girl! You know the thing that's hardest on me is how capricious the schedules are...I have a great guy for a husband, but he can't make any freakin commitments to me without the caveat of "I really hope..." because his school keeps throwing unexpected hoops, classes and call shifts on him that weren't warned of in advance. Like for IM, he sometimes has class on MTWT, and it could be any or all! Yikes!

How are you holding up?