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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Dark and Stormy Night to Sooth the Soul

It was a dark and stormy night, though less so in my spirit, whilst the rain pummeled my car in a sea of endless red break lights dotting a steamy, rush hour commute from my New Seminary to my dear little home full of lights and supper and children.

Whole worlds could have been shrouded in myst, sprayed with water fountains of tire backwash; whole universes concealed in cloud cover and early darkness; the season of traveling in darkness upon us. Safer to travel in amidst the stormy night, tucked in my warm vehicle, knowing I can't see what's ahead, sensing each passing truck could snuff my existence of the planet in a vroom of hyroplaning tragedy. Safer to sense the tenuousness of moments; the mystery of worlds shrouded in blankets of powerful steam, pressing down from above, sheltering our souls like a womb.

Traveling home, never knowing how long it could take, hoping I'd get there alive, in one piece, but sensing the lovingness of the stormy shroud, holiness seemed there, among the eternity of bodies on their way home.

Sometimes it is easier to worship by night, in the storm, when the daylight sunshine and clear skies aren't visible to mock the palpable, impenetrable mystery of God.


ktismatics said...

I particularly like the paradox in the last sentence.

Today I started what I think will be a 3-part memoir-type thing about Beaujolais day. After that I might give up blogging for awhile and just go visit other people's sites.

Jemila Monroe said...

Hey thanks for your observations about OST -- they were really helpful. Actually spurred me to start an Emerging Women's Book club, open to both genders, but facilitated by women, with the vision of sharpening one another's ideas in a more collaborative setting (for the times I'm not quite up for a duel, but don't want to sit out the whole conversation ;)

Are you doing to post your memoir?

I keep meaning to put up more chapters of my book -- I'll do it soon. So say the procrastinators :) Really, I will.

ktismatics said...

Good for you about the book club. I look forward to hearing what book you pick first, and to seeing more of the book.

I've put up my first two Beaujolais posts; the third one will probably go up on Sunday. I see them as three parts of a single story.