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Sunday, November 26, 2006

Birds of a Feather

Last night a friend (who happens to be my ex-husband) stood in my living room and announced matter of factly that he wouldn't want a President "like him," but rather one who is educated, excellent at interpersonal and cross-cultural diplomacy and intelligent about domestic and international policy. The only problem is my ex is highly intelligent, educated in interpersonal and cross-cultural communication, politically saavy and from blue as Blue's Clues Massachusetts. So yeah, he does want someone, "like him," only more...presidential. So actually what he meant was that he wouldn't want someone who is "like them," as in red neck right wing, black and white-thinking folks who want a president who's SURE about...whatever, and with whom they can enjoy a) a beer and b) a prayer breakfast. We all want to follow someone who seems like, "one of us," only better. And we all want to connect and develop friendships with people "like us." Tolerant people can't tolerate intolerant people. Intolerant people tolerate each other quite well. Birds of a feather flock together, so they say. And "they," are right.

Maybe it's not so bad to enjoy the company of people who compliment our tastes and enhance the melodies of our lives in lovely, pleasant ways. But what of the John Coltraines who project entire songs of dissonance and rhythmic chaos into our ears, sending the screeching notes headlong into our brains, our neighborhoods, even our churches, if we are lucky? I have a theory that for most of us, it is harder to love an annoying or emotionally threatening person who inhabits our precious communities where we go to be safe, secure and affirmed than to muster a genuine grain of compassion for a murderer behind prison bars. So what do we do if we follow a God who invites us to love our enemies as the best proof of our spiritual caliber?


Psalmist said...

Hi, QG. I thought this was excellent! Nothing to add. Just wanted you to know I read it and it blessed me today.

Jemila Monroe said...

Hey Psalmist, thanks for encouraging me by stopping by :)

Anonymous said...

Dude, so like, what was your ex-husband doing standing in your living room?

Jemila Monroe said...

He wanted to see you, to tell you what a lucky man you are.