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Sunday, May 27, 2007

Public Servants? The aspirations of the candidates

I heard Al Gore say on NPR the other day that he's set his sights, in a most determined way, on making climate control the #1 issue for both candidates during the next presidential election. He has pinned his goals on making a difference rather winning a position; a smart move for anyone, but especially someone who cares passionately about an issue and isn't likely to win the fancy position anyway.

But what I want to know is why Hillary and Obama are wasting lots of money on individual campaigns when they could run together on a shared ticket and promise to switch drivers if they win this time and get a second term? Obama's fresh charisma and vision, Hillary's knowledge, experience and saavy...I think they would be a good team. No only that, I think they need each other. And maybe in the end they'll run together. But all that money spent before the primaries could be put to some decent use, like education, sustainable agriculture, clean drinking water worldwide, helping the poor become self-sufficient in the next generation, finding true cures for Malaria and AIDS. Why can't those who do have a shot at president put the wellbeing of all people before individual aspirations?

Are there times I need to ask myself that same question? Heck yeah. And it hurts. In love, it hurts so good.

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