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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Wicked Sacrifices

In Wicked, the back story of the Wicked Witch of the West and how she got where she got, Elphaba's father is a priest who has devoted his whole identity and life to fighting idolatry. He has sacrificed wealth and the wellbeing of his wife in this fight. I discovered this gem -- a nibble for all ministers to mull over from time to time as a cautionary tale:

He would prevail. He was their minister. He had pulled their teeth and buried their babies and blessed their kitchen pots for years now. He had abased himself in their names. He had wandered with an unkempt beard and a begging bowl from hamlet to hamlet, leaving poor Melena alone in the minister's lodge for weeks at a time. He had sacrificed her for them. They couldn't be swayed by this Time Dragon creature. They owed him. (p 13-14)


Pistol Pete said...

Yikes! Really drives a stake in my heart.

Shane Vander Hart said...

It does drive me nuts when I see pastors who seem like they always sacrifice time with their families. What are they doing... this is their first ministry.

You can lose your ministry and still have your family, but if you lose your family - you've lost your ministry as well.

Shane Vander Hart