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Monday, June 11, 2007

Using God for your life or Using your life for God?

Being open-minded sometimes blurs the line between Christian faith and Self-helpy, be-good-feel-good-do-good religion. For someone who doesn't claim much certaintly about the bible, dogma or what it means to be "saved", what is the difference between worshipping the God of Jesus and embracing New Age Spirituality?

It's all about God.

Or it's all about Us.

Put differently, it's a matter arranging magnetic poetry on a cosmic refrigerator, ordering the words that reflect why God is important in our lives. Simply: are we using God for our lives or using our lives for God?


Miz Melly said...

Succint and to the point, Jemila. And right on the button. I'm at a place where I'm grappling with the heart of that so thanks for putting your thoughts out there.

Janice said...

Couldn't agree more. I like the way you put it and will be tacking that one up next to the others in my new coloring journal/prayer/artwork 'stuffs' that I"m doing.

Amy said...

Jemila, I think you're right on. My motivation points to the real purpose behind my faith.

Jemila Monroe said...

Easier said than done, though, eh? I struggle with losing my perspective all the time.