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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Beauty of Children...appreciated sometimes best when sleeping

Some thoughts occurred to me today:

1. (While the children were still awake) Wouldn't it be nice if we could safely cryogenically freeze our children for a moment or an hour at a time?

2. (While the children were asleep) Aren't children beautiful when asleep?

3. (While the children were still asleep) Alright, children are also magnificent beings when awake

I hope I can remember that when I wake up tomorrow and the children are being their magnificent (not to be mistaken for mild) selves again!

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View from the Trekant said...

Speaking of children and sleeping - there's a great Barbara Kingsolver essay about how parents are supposed to get their children to WAKE UP to what is good and beautiful.

It is humbling reading . . . am I helping my children to wake up and look at the world with the right eyes?